Financial Systems

«Success in business

is not caused by good times,

as well as a failure

is not a result of bad times»

Our mission

Achieving success together with our Partners, based
on the strategy of the joining Abilities, Experience,
Intuition, and continous self-improvement
in everything we do.

Out strategy

Financial Systems LLC has
experience of investments in the international
financial markets and direct investments in
Russian business.
The company acts as the Financial Adviser
joining the best experience of our partners,
who are the most successful in the field of
Law, Finance, Project Management, and
applying high standards to fulfill the tasks set by the Client.

Our features

  • The absence of affiliation
    with any financial structure
    (the independence and
  • We do not hold your
    money, they are kept in
    good financial institutions
    with high ratings, all
    transactions are conducted
    via banks, financial and
    investment companies;
  • Our management
    comprises system of risks
    and activities agreed upon
    with the client;
  • Our remuneration only
    depends on a successful
    result, client's income or
    our agreement;
  • We will never offer
    you the product that
    we already have, we are
    preparing and developing
    investment idea that you

Financial Systems LLC offers investment and financial advisory
services as part of the corporate strategy in the fields
of financial management, investments, procurement
of capital and assets management.

We arrange

  • Establishment of investment
    and financial infrastructure
  • Financing

We manage

  • Investments
  • Assets
  • Investment and financial

We arrange

Corporate Clients We manage


  • Lending
  • Factoring
  • Lending for the franchising
  • Leasing
  • Intra-and inter-sectoral corporate
  • Private investment

Establishment of Investment
and financial infrastructure

  • Definition of investment objectives
  • Coordination of joint work with partners
    while establishing the investment and
    financial infrastructure

We manage

We arrange Corporate Clients


Assets management

Investment and financial

Development of the investment

Direct investments
(investment project)


Product / project definition

Purchase / sale


and investment

Direct investments
(investment project)

Increase of capitalization,
investment attractiveness



Use of assets as a collateral
for financing


Analytical support
for investment decisions

Investment strategy

Family office

Support for related tasks

Product / project definition

Financial and investment


Structured products/

Corporate securities in the OTC market

  • support in purchasing process
  • monitoring within investment
  • reinvestment in case
    of completion or early termination

Direct investments

Investments in real estate/

Corporate business financing purposed
at %% from investments/

Gaining of business share to own and
control business/

Development of new project

  • audit in investment period
  • support in investment period
  • supervision in investment period
  • reinvestment in the case
    of completion or early termination

Family office

Private investments

Organization of execution
of decisions in the following areas

  • Purchase / sale of assets (real estate,
    yachts, etc.)
  • Management of the family equity
  • Tax planning
  • Legal support (lawyers, barrister-at-law)
  • Inheritance questions

History created by the powerful is worth memorizing and following
by next generations. Let a team of professionals take care of the routine.
Enjoy today and create tomorrow.

Multi-Client Family Office - MCFO
is established not by individual
family itself, but by external
financial advisers to provide
services to the families. This office
belongs to the partners, who
established it without individual
shares of these families. MCFO
often acts as the head office
for providers of financial products
and services.

Outside agencies can be engaged
in the appropriate markets
for rendering any other services.
Multi-Client Family Office can be
set up by several families without
domination of any of the family
with a view to join the efforts
and assets, and hire a team
of professionals, providing
specialized office (SFO) level
of service.

Our company is active not only in searching the investment ideas and solutions for our Clients, but also in searching and development of strong and mutually beneficial relationships with business partners.

Our Partners

  • Insurance companies
  • Legal companies
  • Financial Companies
  • Accounting centers
  • Banks

Our team is ready to share
experience and knowledge
with business partners.

Our hearts and minds are always
open to meet, share and add
to Your wisdom, the genius and
daily work for mutually profitable


125009, Moscow, Gazetnyj pereulok Str., d. 9, str. 7.

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